Staff Standard is HR consulting and executive search company with almost 20 years experience located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We provide innovative HR solutions through:

  • executive search
  • recruiting
  • building and modifying hiring and retention strategies
  • developing variable pay and sales compensation systems
  • developing HR metrics dashboards
  • salary survey

We put our customized HR services in a timely and cost-effective way. Staff Standard helps to create competitive advantage by hiring the best talents, retaining and motivating them.

Our main advantage is aligning HR management with client's business strategy and financial management processes. Combined with our experience it enables Staff Standard to deliver significant value-added impact.


Our search process works for every company, in any industry, across every function.
All of Staff Standard consultants are highly skilled professionals with broad experience in the field.

  • Identifying
    We research the market to identify target companies from which we can recruit candidates. We use a variety of innovative tools and sources including social networking, extensive personal contacts, support from industry's experts and direct search to find best talent for our clients.
  • Attracting
    We know how to sell job opportunity to candidates by aligning their needs, needs of our clients and knowing tips on convincing candidates to say "yes".
  • Hiring
    Once you select a final candidate we assist you in all negotiations.


Staff Standard helps you design compensation systems that is aligned with companies' business needs, goals and available resources while maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace.
Our compensation services utilize employee compensation benchmarking to assess your company structure, develop a strategy and implement system that links pay and performance.
Main goals of implementing:

  • To recruit and retain the best employees
  • To increase and maintain motivation of employees
We implement:
  • Sales compensation systems
  • Variable pay systems


Staff Standard has extensive experience in both designing and interpreting surveys that provide customized results and cover large numbers of position in various industries in Russia.

Main distinctions of our approach:

  • Individualization of survey for a particular user
  • Representativeness of results
  • All statistical indices you need
  • Accounting all the latest trends in payment practice
  • Full respondent confidentiality

Salary survey reports are effected so that information gathered is relevant to the requirements of a particular customer regarding industry, company size and specific job descriptions.


HR metrics are powerful tool that HR managers can use to measure their own performance and that company's management can use to measure the performance of their HR departments.
We know how to identify most critical HR metrics, how to calculate them and how to use measurement results to improve HR performance.
Linking HR metrics to business and HR strategy Staff Standard develops and implements HR Dashboard based on:

  • Hiring metrics
  • Turnover and retention metrics
  • Training and development metrics
  • Metrics of overall HR success